Too Much Spunk: Louisville Cheerleader Throws Ball, Almost Costs His Team The Game

  • Dan Fogarty

A male cheerleader for Louisville threw a ball after a key basket in the final moments of the Cardinals’ 62-59 overtime win against Pitt, resulting in a technical foul that almost cost his team the game.

With 0.5 seconds left, a Kyle Kuric dunk gave Louisville a 62-57 lead. But then, the unidentified cheerleader, who will almost certainly be identified by the end of the day, came onto the court and threw the ball into the air. This resulted in a technical foul, which meant two free throws and the ball for Pitt.

Ashton Gibbs hit the free throws, and the lead was cut to three, and the cheerleader, God bless him, probably wanted to sink into a hole and die. Luckily for him, Gibbs missed a three at the buzzer, and the cheerleader was saved from being the peppiest goat of all time.

Watch video of the ball throw (and technical foul) here, courtesy of 30fps.