Louisville’s Women’s Players Were So Excited To Pose For Pictures With Kevin Durant That They Accidentally Punched A Guy In The Face

  • Glenn Davis

Louisville’s women’s basketball players were already probably the most excited they’d ever been in their lives – they pulled off the shocker of the NCAA Tournament, defeating NCAA title favorite Baylor 82-81 in the Sweet 16. But then, in the midst of a well-earned locker room celebration, things got even nuttier: Kevin Durant showed up. And when he did, he might as well have been all four Beatles rolled into one ca. 1964. There was an immediate rush to take pictures with him. Durant was more than happy to, because KD, in fact, is nice. But the excitement caused a bit of collateral damage… to one poor guy’s jaw:

Well, he seemed to take it pretty much in stride. Also – what kind of insane golden age is it for Louisville sports right now? The women’s team takes down the tournament favorite, the men’s team is in the Final Four, the football team won the Sugar Bowl, they’re escaping the Big East… not a bad run. Unwitting-shot-to-jaw guy better look out – at this rate, this won’t be the last happy Louisville locker room he visits.