Marco Rubio Does His Obama Impression And Releases His Own NCAA Tournament Bracket

  • Jake O'Donnell

The 24-hour news cycle always refers to candidates “acting Presidential.” Going down to a disaster zone and helping clear debris: Presidential. Putting your dog on the roof of your car: not Presidential. Not sure if making a stink about your NCAA Tournament bracket qualifies as “acting Presidential,” or just “doing stuff Obama does,” but Marco Rubio’s doing it anyway. And he’s doing it differently. Very differently, in fact. Here’s Obama’s bracket:

Although their Final Four’s look similar, with top seeds in all spots, their Sweet Sixteen’s are diametrically opposed to one another (political jargon for opposite–when in Rome.) Here’s a simple way of looking at it. The combined seedings of Obama’s Sweet Sixteen comes out to a paltry 41. That means that he’s almost exclusively choosing higher seeded teams to advance. Rubio’s Sweet Sixteen, on the other hand, has a total seeding number of 70, meaning he’s got low seeds all over the damn place! Go figure, the liberal goes conservative and the conservative goes all whimsical. Hey D.C., common ground. Run with this. Here’s Rubio’s bracket:

Photos Via and Reclaim America PAC, H/T BuzzFeed