Mark Cuban Posts High Score On Top Secret Basketball Referee Simulator App At MIT

  • Jake O'Donnell

They threw the rule book at him and he threw it right back. In the ultimate instance of “well if you think you’re so good then why don’t you try it,” back seat referee-er Mark Cuban has proven himself to be, well, the best theoretical referee in the world. For now at least, the game-whose-ass-he-whupped is in its beta testing phase and has only been played by the select few attending MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Still, it’s impressive given a) the game looks pretty freakin’ tough, and b) being the best at anything at MIT is impressive. Go ahead, watch him do it better than you could.

Nuts, right? A bunch of collisions on the edge of the restricted area, even with the bird’s eye view camera, seemingly could go either way. Not a problem for eagle-eye Cuban, apparently, who now owns the leaderboard like it’s a 228ft super yacht. I wonder if NBA refs will welcome him as their own, enshrine him as a deity, or continue to stage physical combat with him. No matter what happens, when the geniuses over at developer Krossover Intelligence Inc. finally release this innovative addiction-in-the-making to all humans, referees everywhere will get a chance to restore order to the officiating galaxy.

H/T Buzzfeed