If You Hate Marshall Henderson, Blame AAU Basketball, J.R. Smith, And JaVale McGee

  • Glenn Davis

If you’re not an Ole Miss fan, there’s a good chance you hate the team’s streaky-shooting star player, Marshall Henderson. Henderson, in the wake of leading the Rebels to an SEC Tournament title, became a bit of an internet sensation thanks to his scoring, on-court persona, and Twitter account, in which he comes off more or less as “that cocky guy you couldn’t stand in high school.” Even the non-sports blogosphere took notice.

And now that Ole Miss is not only in the NCAAs, but upset Wisconsin 57-46 today, you can bet you’ll hear even more about Henderson, whose performance today mirrored public opinion of him: no middle ground. He started horribly, shooting 1 for his first 13… but then heated up, going 5-for-8 the rest of the way and burying the Badgers with 11 points in the last 5:13, finishing with 19 for the game. Did he make people angry? Oh, you bet he made people angry:

So, yeah, he gets people riled up. But where did he learn to do what he does that creates such anger? Well, Henderson actually provided a bit of insight on that front recently. Here’s what he said:

You leave JaVale OUT OF THIS, you hear me?!