Marshall Henderson Still An Idiot, Says He Would Be A Suicide Bomber Or Something

  • Zach Berger

If you don’t know who Marshall Henderson is, leave this post immediately and never come back because you’re a better person for it.

In case you decided to read on despite my vehement warning, Henderson is a former Ole Miss basketball player looking to make it in the NBA as the draft approaches.

But that description doesn’t really do Henderson justice, because he’s mostly just some dumb kid who feeds off of negative attention, was arrested for buying a couple ounces of weed with counterfeit money, has tested positive for cocaine, and served 25 days in jail for failing to do court-ordered community service.

That was all in high school. In college, Henderson has been caught with weed and coke again. Oh, and right after the NFL Draft he tweeted about how gross that televised Michael Sam kiss was and later claimed it was part of a research project by a friend to see how people would respond to the tweets. Unfortunately, classes had already ended and Henderson went from being a normal idiot to a homophobic idiot.

But it gets even better, because we got this gem of a tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn this afternoon:

Let’s take a second to analyze what Henderson is saying here, because it really isn’t clear. We are 11 years removed from the Kellen Winslow Jr. “I’m a fucking soldier” comment that got him in a lot of trouble. This Henderson quote is so, so, so much worse.

I’m not sure if he’s saying that he would go to Afghanistan on behalf of the U.S. Army if it earned him a spot in the NBA. I’m not sure if he’s saying that he would literally strap an explosive vest to himself and blow it up in Afghanistan if it let him go pro. I’m not sure if he’s saying that he would go as far as to play basketball in Afghanistan with a bomb on him if it meant playing in the big leagues.

I’m also not really sure if its worth trying to explain the mind of Marshall Henderson because he’s a moron. What I am sure of is that this quote is going to blow up (no bomb pun intended) and get Henderson is a world of trouble. I can’t wait.

Update: Henderson made it even worse.