Marshall Henderson Suspension May Have Been Due To Police Finding Drugs In His Car

  • Rick Chandler

Marshall Henderson has only the best intentions, according to Marshall Henderson. He is a selfless savior of Amanda Bynes. A modest wearer of tasteful jewelry. A respectful admirer of older women. Oh, and on Wednesday he was suspended from the Mississippi basketball team.

Reasons were not provided by the university, but CBS Sports reported that it was due to a failed drug test. And now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the reason may have something to do with a traffic stop in may in Oxford, Miss., in which marijuana and cocaine were found in Henderson’s car.

Henderson was pulled over May 4 on suspicion of speeding, and Oxford Police officer Shane Fortner smelled marijuana in Henderson’s vehicle, according to the police report. Henderson gave Fortner a bag containing “a small nugget of marijuana,” according to Fortner’s report, and a search by a police dog turned up a clear plastic bag that contained “a small amount of what appeared to be cocaine,” a report from another officer, Mark Hodges, said.

Hodges’s report notes that the district attorney wouldn’t prosecute if the bag contained less than one-tenth of a gram of cocaine.

Henderson was cited for no proof of liability insurance and given a court date of May 15, Fortner’s report said. It wasn’t immediately clear how the citation was adjudicated.

Foiled by a dog! He must be one of those “Haterzzzz.”