That Paternity Suit Michael Jordan Wanted Thrown Out Got Thrown Out, Says TMZ

  • Glenn Davis

The web roundup for Monday, March 18. Facebook/Twitter/tips. Here goes.

1. So apparently Michael Jordan won’t get caught up in a messy paternity suit.

Looked like he might for a whole… two and a half weeks. [TMZ]

2. A tale of Katherine Webb on the high dive, told in gifs.

How all stories ought to be told, really. [The Big Lead]

3. The odds of picking a perfect NCAA bracket.

Those odds are… not tremendous. [Geekosystem]

4. A couple guys flew into Rio between skyscrapers.

Also they apparently didn’t have permission, in case you didn’t think t was a ballsy move or anything. [Deadspin]

5. Not sports related, still important.

The time scientists brought an extinct species back to life – for 10 minutes; 4 secret societies you probably don’t know about; $4 million of pot washes up on California beach.

Food porn of the day.

Gourmet chili dogs:

The buns. THE BUNS.

And finally, tonight…

The poetic butcher puts all other butchers to shame. At least oratorically speaking.

Getty photo, by Sam Greenwood