You Can Buy A Book On Michigan’s National Title Season On Amazon, Because Amazon Is Evil

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As a Michigan fan, I’d love to read about our wondrous 2013 NCAA Division I basketball, national championship season. Unfortunately, the book would be fiction. Because we didn’t win the title. I definitely was there and I definitely saw us lose, and I definitely didn’t eat two large pizzas last night because I was celebrating. Yet, for some reason, this book actually exists, written by the Detroit Free Press. You can pre-order it (it appears to come out tomorrow unless they realize how dumb they are and take it down), for just $10.17.

The strangest part is that the Free Press wrote this book despite thinking that it was Michigan State which was in the title game, all along. 0-for-2 ain’t bad, right?

Amazon and the Free Press, you are cruel and I don’t like you. Write me fiction on Ohio State football scandals and winless seasons and Urban Meyer shanking little kids RIGHT NOW, or you’re dead to me.