Michigan State Rings In The 2012-13 Basketball Season With Iron Man

  • Joe Levine

Not every team’s Midnight Madness celebration was a complete travesty like it was at Syracuse University. Plenty of colleges were able to have fun.

But perhaps no team had as much as the Michigan State Spartans, who welcomed their fans to the 2012-13 season with the help of coach Tom Izzo in an Iron Man costume.

And only that, Izzo’s wife and daughter also appeared as Black Widows. Take a look at all the family fun up in Michigan.

The nerd in me wants to get mad that they were both Black Widow, but whatever, they were just trying to have fun…

Couldn’t one of them have just been Wonder Woman or something? I mean, come on. Two Black Widows is just stupid. What, is time travel or cloning acceptable in the Marvel Universe? Why not just have them all be Iron Man? Just a bunch of Iron People running around, like Marvel’s Multiplicity. Tony, Tonya, and Tawny Stark flying around the Great Lakes, as though that’s where Iron Man even lives.

No, you know what, it’s fine. They’re just trying to have fun. Really. It’s fine.

[Guyism, via The Big Lead]