Michigan State’s Derrick Nix Punches Basket Support, Nearly Destroys Big Ten Logo

  • Glenn Davis

Michigan State center Derrick Nix is a big man – 6-9, 270, to be exact. You don’t want to be on his bad side – not even if you’re an inanimate object. And the basket at today’s Big Ten tournament game between Green’s Spartans and Iowa found that out the hard way. Nix made a nice layup during the first half, and he was fired up, as players who’ve just made nice plays are wont to be. He was so fired up, in fact, that he had to let off some steam. And that was bad news for the padding on the basket support:

Ouch. (That’s what the basket support would say if it could talk, which, to the best of our knowledge, it cannot.) So instead, we’ll speak for it: Derrick Nix is a powerful man, and nothing is spared the power – not even the logo of his own conference. We’d say that, given rampant conference realignment, that Nix almost punching a hole through the Big Ten’s logo was symbolic in some way – except that the Big Ten’s been one of the conferences getting stronger thanks to the endless musical chairs. If this happened in the Big East tournament, on the other hand…