“He’s Gonna Be The Hit Amongst The Sororities”: Broadcast Crew Reveals Wisconsin Player Has Perm

  • Brad Cohen

If you’ve watched Wisconsin play this year, you’ve probably noticed Mike Bruesewitz‘s hair—it’s big, it’s curly and it’s orange. Pretty hard to miss.

Well, if (like some of us) you happened to doze off during the Badgers’ 24-point first-half showing against Butler last night, you might have missed Bruesewitz’s little secret—he perms his hair. Actually, that’s not quite true.

His mom perms his hair for him.

During last night’s broadcast, reporter Marty Snider revealed that little piece of embarrassing information. The rest of the crew got a good laugh, but weren’t too hard on the sophomore. If anything they seemed to feel a little bad about exposing him.

“Oh, we just put this kid on blast,” Reggie Miller said. “He did not just say perm, did he?” Gus Johnson could say nothing besides, “Oh my goodness.”

But if anybody gives gives Bruesewitz a tough time when he gets back to Madison, he can always call on Big Worm for help.

Watch the broadcasting crew discuss the perm below:

A hit amongst the sorrorities, indeed.

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