Mike Krzyzewski Responds To Bo Ryan’s ‘Rent-A-Player’ Comment

Mike Krzyzewski Responds To Bo Ryan’s ‘Rent-A-Player’ Comment
  • Jake O'Donnell

After consoling a distraught locker room, Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryan took a shot at Duke’s stable of McDonald’s All-Americans — most of which are not going to stick around for two years, let alone four — telling the media, “We don’t do rent-a-player.”

Suffice it to say the world has not reacted well to his sour grapes.

Speaking today on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Mike Krzyzewski addressed Ryan’s comments in the most measured, understanding way possible (up until the part where he called coaching college basketball “running a business”).

“Number one, i love bo, and i know as a coach that you’re the first guy up there and you lose. Look, i’ve lost national championship games and i’ve been the loser and it’s not easy. sometimes things can be — they can take one line or a couple lines out without hearing the whole context of what you’re talking about. the line ‘rent-a-player’ is not a good line, because we use ‘one-and-done.’ it could mean that you’re doing something illegal with rent. i think there’s a better choice of words for that.

but to say, ‘hey, we don’t do the one-and-done in our program,’ hey, that’s your right. But also understand that everybody is doing it a little bit differently. guys are accepting transfers more. a lot of guys are going after fifth year transfers. there’s more than one way to run a business.

He’s right — there are plenty of ways to run a business. Some people pay their employees with money while others don’t.

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