Your Cringe-Inducing Injury Of The Day: UNLV’s Mike Moser Dislocates Elbow

  • Glenn Davis

21st-ranked UNLV’s chances to make a splash on the national scene were dealt a major blow against Cal last night. That wasn’t because of the result of the game – the [Runnin’] Rebels won 76-75 to move to 7-1 on the year – but rather due to what happened early in the first half, when Mike Moser, the team’s leading rebounder, went down with an injury that forced him to miss the rest of the game.

Moser was averaging 12.3 points and 9.2 rebounds per game heading into the Cal game, and he averaged 14 points and 10.5 rebounds last year. Clearly, this is the type of guy a team can ill afford to lose for an extended period – and according to his coach, Moser will be out a few weeks at minimum. When you actually see what happened, though, your thoughts will quickly transition from thinking about the impact on UNLV’s basketball team to just cringing.

Moser, you see, suffered a dislocated elbow. Imagine your elbow being bent at such an unnatural angle that it goes out of place. An unpleasant thing to imagine, right? Well, it’s even more unpleasant to watch, so proceed with caution. This is not an injury for the squeamish:

Well, we told you. Hope Moser can make his way back on the court ASAP (about the only good news is that the elbow didn’t sustain a fracture). Hell of a way to get rewarded for diving for a loose ball.