NO WAY: Mike Rice Is Coaching A 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team And Still Acting Like A Maniac

  • Jake O'Donnell

Video is released of Rutgers men’s basketball coach Mike Rice abusing players. Rice gets fired immediately. Controversy ensues as to who tried to cover up his actions. Rutger’s power players come under tremendous fire, some are asked to leave. The governor weighs in on it. SNL parodies it.

Meanwhile, Mike Rice is coaching a 12-year old girls’ AAU team in New Jersey. In fact, he’s been coaching these girls all season long, according to basketball journalist Brian Geltzeiler.

And he hasn’t learned a damn thing, either. Geltzeiler, who discussed this bizarre twist in an already bizarre story over social media sites, claims that one of his “moles” heard Rice shout at a 12-year old girl, “I can’t even look at you.” He goes on to claim that Rice is going off on refs and kids alike, you know, in the interest of fairness.

Mike Rice is, ahem, coaching children? Why don’t you just go and give Jerry Sandusky a job while you’re at it…

Yes, this is really happening. People in a high school gymnasium in Holmdel, NJ, were sitting around watching their children play basketball, and Mike Rice was screaming at them. Want more proof? Diamond Joe’s Media Rantz found this Facebook thread referring to the AAU game Rice was supposedly participating in/berrating little girls:

Check back with us and we’ll hurl any new developments at your feet.

[Photos Via Getty], H/T MediaRantz