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“ONIONS!” Morehead State Stuns Louisville, Bill Raftery Breaks Out Signature Call

  • Glenn Davis

If you had to name one college basketball announcer whose style appeals to you, and you weren’t allowed to pick Gus Johnson, there’s a good chance you’d choose Bill Raftery. From “Get the lingerie off the deck!” to his trademark “Onions!” he’s solidly entrenched as a fan favorite thanks to his transparent enthusiasm. So when he gets to call a thrilling NCAA Tournament upset, you might imagine he’d be in rare form.

You’d be correct. Raftery was on the mike for 13th-seeded Morehead State’s 62-61 upset over Louisville today (the author of this post may or may not have had Louisville in the Final Four), and Morehead took the lead on a dramatic three by senior guard Demonte Harper with 4.2 seconds left. Raftery, it’s fair to say, was enthused:

He was more enthused then than he was when the game ended – mostly because the initial reaction was shock that a foul wasn’t called on Morehead. Replays, however, seemed to indicate that the no-call was a smart one, and with that, some brackets were seriously busted. Raftery’s passion, though, remains happily intact.

Video via Mocksession (again)