NBA Dunkers Could Learn Something From Doug Anderson’s Ridiculously Awesome Showing At The College Dunk Contest

  • Eric Goldschein

University of Detroit’s Doug Anderson raised the bar for how to win a dunk contest on any level last night, when he threw down four dunks that received four perfect scores. Not only that, but he only needed one attempt to complete his contest winner — a between the legs 360 that he finished with his right hand on the left side of the hoop. Hear that, almost every contestant in the NBA dunk contest over the last few years? One. Attempt. Perfect. Scores.

Here’s that magnificent winner, which pretty much leveled the crowd at the Georgia Dome, as well as Twitter:

Where does this performance rank among the all-time great dunk contests? Let’s poll the experts:

Please take note, Nate Robinson, and James White, and every other dunking disappointment over the years. You can do better — this guy proves it.

[Big Lead Sports]