Today In “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”: N.C. State Fan Throws Bottle On Court

  • Joe Levine

College sports tends to bring out a certain level of hooliganism not usually seen on other American sports. One idiot in the stands put his hooligan tendencies on display towards the end of today’s game between N.C. State and Florida State.

With just over a minute left and down by two, N.C. State looked to tie the game. Instead, following some stumbling under the basket, the Wolfpack was rightfully called for a travel. Not rightfully enough for one fan, though, who took matters into his own hands and threw a bottle at the referee.

Take a look, via ESPN:

The technical foul mentioned at the end of this video was rescinded, but ultimately it wouldn’t matter. As always, instant karma got N.C. State and their idiot fan as the Wolfpack would go on to lose to Florida State 71-67.

[Big Lead Sports]