NCAA Tries To Censor Video Of Apparently Drunk Wife Of Wichita State Coach

  • Rick Chandler


This week on Real Housewives of Wichita State: meet Lynn Marshall, who would seem to be the last woman one would expect to be married to buttoned-down Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall. So during Sunday’s 65-62 loss to Kentucky in Indianapolis, she behaved like such a spring breaker that security had to talk with her three times — asking her to stop with the profanities and wild-ass antics in the stands.

Witnesses said she appeared to be drunk off her ass — and that her behavior got so bad following the game — screaming “Fuck you!” at John Calipari, for one thing — that security removed her from the stands and escorted her to her husband’s press conference.

Lynn Marshall was filmed by Kentucky Sports Radio’s Drew Franklin, who was sitting at the end of press row, right next to her seat. He also tweeted about her during the game as her behavior got more rowdy. According too Franklin, Lynn Marshall saw the video on Twitter that Franklin posted, and complained to security, who then “stood over me” and made Franklin take down the video (second video below).

Franklin just reposted the video as soon as he left the arena.

According to Franklin, a security guard told him “she’s the coach’s wife to we have to be delicate with her.”

The NCAA (per the Philadelphia Inquirer) is saying that it never told Franklin to take down the video.

The NCAA always knows how to make things worse.