Adidas Wants You To Say Something About These Awful New College Basketball Jerseys, And It’s Working

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Adidas is starved for attention, miles and miles behind Nike in the sports jerseys department, especially in America. They just got our attention with their awful short-sleeve basketball jerseys for the Golden State Warriors, and now they are taking their inabilities to the world of college basketball with these new “adizero” jerseys, which have adizero positive qualities.

The “good” news is that these “adizero” outfits will only be worn by the six teams shown above. They’ll be there as long as the teams are playing in the postseason, so both conference and NCAA/NIT tournaments.

So, that’s Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville (all currently projected to make the NCAA tournament, sadly).

I guess that Louisville’s aren’t that hideous because those weird Zubaz-y splotches on the shorts are sort of camouflaged, and Baylor’s look pretty much the same as jerseys they’ve worn before. But the rest are hideous.

Our own Glenn Davis summed up the strange motivations of Adidas executives best, over Gchat.

Glenn: because it makes me [imagine] adidas executives just punching you in the face
in order to get a reaction
me: i don’t know what adidas executives have going on in their minds
Glenn: having a jack-in-the-box boxing glove repeatedly punch you in the groin

It worked. But I’m not sure they’ll sell jerseys. This is the more likely scenario.

You know what, at 90% off, I think I could pull off those Kansas shorts.

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