Today In “People Lucky They Weren’t Beaten Up”: This Fan Who Got Kicked Out Of A Game For Pushing A Player

  • Glenn Davis

We briefly mentioned last night’s game between UNLV and New Mexico, in which the No. 25 Lobos beat the No. 24 Rebels 65-60, this morning. Our reasoning: we like to make note of when there’s an upset in college basketball, and last night, among games involving Top 25 teams, there really weren’t any, so pretending “No. 25 beat No. 24!” is actually an upset (New Mexico was actually favored) was the best we could do.

But just because it wasn’t an upset doesn’t mean there was nothing interesting about the game. It was tightly contested, two of the best teams in the Mountain West – both likely NCAA Tournament participants – squaring off… oh, and also a fan got kicked out of the arena for shoving a player:

FlagShirtBro seems to have quickly recognized his mistake, putting his arms up in that universal “Who, me?” pose, but… yeah, it was him, and he’s lucky the pushee, UNLV’s Anthony Marshall, did nothing but stare him down. Just as players can’t go into the stands, fans can’t reach out into the area of play to start trouble, and this was completely on the fan.

Marshall didn’t even come close to touching him – we’re not sure exactly what he was riled up about, besides that it was heated game, he played for the other team, and he was in the area. (Maybe he said something, but the push happened so quickly we’re not sure what Marshall could have said.) Whatever it was, a deserved ejection, and Marshall deserves some kind of medal for not fighting back.

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