Well, We Had A Good Run: One Girl’s Sad Reflection On Her Office Bracket Pool

  • Sarah Devlin

Editor’s note: Sarah completely copied her picks from Nick Lachey’s ESPN celebrity bracket, and nearly won our office pool.

Well, this is the hardest thing.

The only thing that matters is that our champion ended up being Sportsgrid’s senior editor Dan Fogarty, who I believe organized his bracket on [his] own, so I feel like order has been restored to the universe. Still, I’m a little dizzy from disappointment. Even though I trusted Nick Lachey’s bracket completely, I’m spending most of this sad Tuesday dreaming of what we could have accomplished had we put our betting skills together! Can you imagine?

It’s alright. The deep pain of this loss goes hand in hand with my regret over not knowing more about NCAA basketball, and not being able to influence the proceedings myself. So I guess my resolution, from now until the edge of eternity (or at least the start of the 2013 NCAA tournament), is to carry on in the face of this devastating loss, and maybe learn a little bit more about college basketball.

That’s right, I’m never giving up! This I swear! A big thank you to Nick Lachey for generously allowing me to plagiarize his bracket in its entirety. Nick, I can’t hate you anymore — in part because I never did (I do (cherish you)!) — but also because a 98 Degrees reunion tour may be put into my eyes this summer, and that is the best news I’ve gotten maybe ever. Give me just one night! Una noche!