Northwestern Might Just Show Us What A Purple Basketball Court Looks Like

  • Glenn Davis

We were amazed when the design for Oregon’s new basketball court was unveiled last year, but something that might happen at Northwestern could take the court craziness factor to heretofore-unseen levels. The school is re-doing the floor at its basketball arena, and is seeking fan input as to what the next design should be. There are four different potential designs. Only one of them matters. Here is that design:

Unsurprisingly, the design is provoking the strongest reactions among fans on Northwestern Athletics’ Facebook page, with responses (note: keep in mind, the purple court is option 3) ranging from, “Please please please pick #3” to “anything but number 3, really.” One fan even left a comment saying, “I LOVE THE PURPLE FLOOR IDEA!!” on an item that had nothing to do with the court issue.

Overall, though, the positive comments seem to outweigh the negatives, and even some of the ones who don’t want it aren’t outright trashing it (i.e. “love purple but #3 takes it a bit far”). We, though, are on board with shaking things up. You can see the other options here. And if you want toc hime in, far be it from us to tell you which option to endorse…but let’s face it, we both know which one will put you on the right side of history.

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