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Sports Wink Of The Day: Nose-Picking NBA Fan, Or Bob Knight On The View?

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier today, via Deadspin, we were introduced to one of our favorite captured-on-TV fans at a sporting event in a while. This fan sat right behind the announcers at last night’s Blazers-Knicks game, and the camera caught him picking his nose. It wasn’t a quick strike, either: he was really going to town in there, Jim Boeheim style. Was he ashamed to be seen doing all this on TV? Well… have a look at the eight-second mark below and tell us if that looks like an ashamed man to you:

We’ve never seen anyone come off smoother after a blatant nose-pick. Well done, guy. That wink was pretty sure to win the day, we thought. But then we were alerted to something else: Bob Knight on The View. Yes, legendary and legendarily volatile basketball coach Bob Knight appearing on The View (in order to promote his new book, The Power of Negative Thinking, a book Robert Montgomery Knight was born to write if there ever were one) was a thing that happened today. And when he was introduced… well, would you look at that:

So now we leave it to you, the readers, to decide. Who winked better? A side-by-side comparison:

The choice is yours, but full disclosure: we’re still going with nose-picker. The man practically succeeded in making picking one’s nose cool. Look at that face. He does not care one iota. We wish we could be that cool in our suavest moments. Here’s some negative thinking for you, Bob: you’ve got a long way to go to be as good at winking as this guy.