Not Everyone’s Happy About LeBron James Getting His Own Locker In Ohio State’s Basketball Facility

  • Rick Chandler

Ohio State’s brand new, $18 million basketball practice facility renovation opened to the public this past weekend, and visitors were surprised to find that LeBron James has his own locker. What’s up with that?

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Ohio State said the locker is there to salute James, who made the Buckeyes the first team to wear his Nike gear, with the LeBron logo instead of the swoosh, back in 2007.

“We always want to pay our respects to him for what he did for us in ’07 in terms of we were the first LeBron school. And obviously we get tremendous product from him, and I know he’s very proud of what he does for us,” head coach Thad Matta said.

A school spokesman said the locker is used to house and show off the team’s LeBron gear, and it’s also not a bad name to have hanging there when recruits come through the locker room.

Not everyone is happy about it, however. Not only do many Ohioans still consider LeBron a traitor, but there’s also the current backlash against university administrations and the NCAA treating college athletics like an ATM machine. This is a little too corporate-cozy for many tastes.

LeBron says:

Meanwhile, Michael Redd, who actually attended OSU, threw in $500,000 toward the renovation. He got the whole locker room named after him.