One-and-Done NBA Players’ College Teams Quiz – Answer Key!

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One-and-Done NBA Players’ College Teams Quiz – Answer Key!

  1. Sharif Abdur-Rahim – California

Joining the NBA Draft in 1996 after just one season at Cal, Sharif was one of the very early one-and-done NBA players. He set single-season freshman records for points, scoring average, field goals and free throws during that one season at Cal.

  1. Carmelo Anthony – Syracuse

Before ‘Melo became the disinterested NBA player that spent disappointing stints with the Nuggets and Knicks, he was a one-and-done college basketball champion with Jim Boeheim’s Orange in 2003. He entered the NBA Draft, and was the third overall draft pick behind LeBron James and Darko Milicic, and just before Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

  1. Eric Bledsoe – Kentucky

The Wildcats lost just three games in 2009-10 with Bledsoe on the club, but they only reached the Elite Eight. He was the 18th overall pick by Oklahoma City that year, before being traded to the Clippers.

  1. Chris Bosh – Georgia Tech

CB4 was a star center with the Ramblin’ Wreck, and he led the ACC in field-goal percentage in 2002-03, becoming just the second freshman to do so, along with UNC’s Antawn Jamison years earlier.

  1. Mike Conley – Ohio State

The Buckeyes of Ohio State reached the 2007 NCAA National Championship game in 2007, but they ended up losing to the University of Florida.

  1. 6. DeMarcus Cousins – Kentucky

Boogie was an All-American center with Kentucky in 2010 along with John Wall before becoming the fifth pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, four slots behind Wall.

  1. Jamal Crawford – Michigan

Crawford was suspended for six games in his freshman/only season at Michigan for dealing with a Seattle businessman. He went full pro after that one season, entering the 2000 NBA Draft. He was picked by the Cavs with the eighth pick and traded to Chicago.

  1. Anthony Davis — Kentucky

“Fear the Brow” join John Callipari’s Wildcats – the mecca for one-and-done players it seems – and helped the 2012 team to an NCAA National Championship.

  1. Luol Deng – Duke

This Sudanese-born baller played one season under Coach K before joining the NBA in 2004. With Duke, Deng was just the 10th freshman in ACC history to lead all rookies in scoring, rebounding and FG percentage.

  1. DeMar DeRozan – USC

Straight outta Compton, DeRozan didn’t have to travel far to go to college, but one year at USC, the Raptors chose him with the ninth overall pick in 2009.

  1. Kevin Durant – Texas

The Durantula is considered the greatest one-and-done NBA player ever, even though Carmelo Anthony was considered the better college player. Durant went second overall after Portland chose Oden, possibly one of the greatest regrets of any NBA team ever. (Then again, Portland also took Sam Bowie just before Michael Jordan in 1984.)

  1. Tyreke Evans – Memphis

At Memphis, Evans was the only freshman finalist among the 2009 USBWA’s National Player of the Year Award before getting picked by the Kings fourth overall in 2009.

  1. Jrue Holiday – UCLA

In Holiday’s only season at UCLA, the natural point guard had to play shooting guard alongside senior PG Darren Collison.

  1. Kyrie Irving – Duke

Have difficulty remembering Irving as a Dukie? Here’s why: he played for Duke in just 11 games during 2010-11 because of torn ligaments in his toe. He went on to be the first overall pick by the Cavs, though, the first draft after LeBron’s first season in Miami.

  1. DeAndre Jordan – Texas A&M

Jordan chose to play for the Aggies even after the head coach he committed to play under, Billy Gillispie, left to coach for Kentucky. He averaged just 7.9 points and 6.0 rebounds per game for the Aggies before being picked in the second round by the Clippers.

  1. Kevin Love – UCLA

It’s crazy to think that between the Cavaliers’ three superstars, LeBron James, Love and Irving, they had just two total college basketball seasons between them.

  1. Stephon Marbury – Georgia Tech

Starbury was drafted by the Bucks, then traded quickly after that to the Timberwolves in 1996. Marbury was one of the greatest New York City high school players  ever, and he shocked everyone when he chose Georgia Tech over Syracuse in January of 1995. Can you imagine if the Orange would have had Marbury alongside John Wallace in their 1996 NCAA Championship game against Kentucky?

  1. O.J. Mayo – USC

Ovinton J’Anthony Mayo averaged 23.1 points per game for his high school varsity team – even though he was only in the seventh grade. He gave Kansas State a soft verbal commitment before going to USC, then becoming the third pick in the 2008 NBA Draft by Minnesota. (USC would later rule Mayo ineligible because of improper benefits received, and USC lost all 21 of their wins from that season. I bet Kansas State didn’t grumble about passing the Mayo that year.

  1. Greg Oden – Ohio State

Oden teamed up with Mike Conley to battle the Gators in the 2007 National Championship, but they came up short. Oden was the first overall pick, famously before Kevin Durant, but he needed several surgeries on his knees during a short NBA career.

  1. Zach Randolph – Michigan State

Z-Bo helped Michigan State reach the Final Four for their third consecutive season in 2000-01, before becoming the 19th overall pick for Portland in the 2001 NBA Draft. All while looking like a grumpy Eddie from “Family Matters.”

  1. Derrick Rose – Memphis

One of the original one-and-done’s under Callipari, Rose played the 2007-08 season for Memphis, taking them to the NCAA Championship Game, before declaring himself eligible for the 2008 NBA Draft. He was the first overall pick in 2008 by Chicago.

  1. John Wall – Kentucky

The Wizards’ All-Star point guard won a national championship in his one year at Kentucky in 2010, then he was the first overall draft pick later that summer.

  1. Gerald Wallace – Alabama

Wallace was born in Alabama, played high school in Alabama and eventually played for Alabama for the 2000-01 basketball season. He was the 25th pick in the first round by Sacramento and he really didn’t come into his own from an NBA perspective until the Bobcats drafted him in the 2004 NBA Expansion Draft.

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