Opposing Fans Are Buying Kentucky 40-0 Shirts To Make Fun Of The Already-Defeated Wildcats

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You brought this upon yourselves, Kentucky basketball fans. You could have done the math and realized that you had far lower than a 1% chance of going undefeated. Yet you listened to fools in media who convinced you that this impossibility was possible, and you wasted your money on these t-shirts.

Kentucky Undefeated Shirts Trolling

It was especially stupid to buy these prior to playing No. 2 Michigan State, who beat you in what wasn’t even an upset, according to the point spread.

So, yes: You deserve this.

More than 25,000 people visited the site in the 36 hours since Kentucky’s loss, by far the biggest spike in the site’s month-long history. So many orders have come in for t-shirts with “40-0” emblazoned on the chest that the site’s creators are considering whether or not to have another batch printed in order to meet the demand…

The explanation for the sudden sales surge lies in the shipping addresses of the customers who have purchased shirts since Tuesday night. There have been an unusually high rate of purchases from residents of Louisville, Michigan, Kansas and North Carolina, suggesting that the T-shirts are going to rival fans interested in poking fun at Kentucky’s quest for a 40-0 season ending 38 victories short.

Sorry, guys.

“We’re chasing perfection,” Calipari said in May. “We’re chasing greatness. We’re chasing things that have never been done in the history of our game. What I like about that, people say, ‘Pressure!’ Man, pressure brings out the best.

Life tip: Don’t set goals that the odds suggest will fail before reaching 10% completion.

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