Oregon’s New Basketball Court Distracts Television Viewers, Confuses Everyone

  • Dan Fogarty

Well, this isn’t good. The fashion-forward folks at the University of Oregon may have taken it a bit far with their new basketball court, which causes distracting glare for TV viewers and permanent eye damage for anyone that looks directly at it.

We originally told you about Nike’s new design for the court back in November. At the time, Tinker Hatfield, the company’s excellently-named vice president for design and special projects and an Oregon alum, described it as aiming for an “iconic television presence” that conjures up a “highly unique and visible basketball floor design.”

Well, mission accomplished. Sort of. It’s definitely got a presence about it, and you can’t say it’s not unique.

Oregon’s new $237 million arena drew a few other complaints, as well. A “ribbon board” changed colors quite frequently which made it seem, as Yahoo noted, like viewers were “staring at a strobe light.”

While the new court is certainly experiencing mixed reviews after its unveiling, it’s worth pointing out that none of these problems are unfixable. Just make things less shiny, Nike, so we can all enjoy your crazy basketball court.

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