Rant Of The Year? College Basketball Coach Publicly Humiliates His Players

  • Dan Fogarty

To be clear, this is not a “wacky, funny, LOL” type of rant, like Jim Mora’s famous “Playoffs?!” presser, or Herm Edwards’ epic “You Play to Win the Game” speech. No. This is not that at all.

This is something that burns much slower.

These are some of the things Lamar head coach Pat Knight (son of famed ranter Bobby Knight) does in the following press conference, which took place following his team’s 62-52 loss to Stephen F Austin last night: he kicks a player out of his chair (while telling him, “You don’t have a clue what it takes to win”), he calls his senior class (which he inherited from the previous coach) the “worst group” he’s ever been associated with, he says those seniors have problems with lateness, drugs, and having any kind of heart, and then he reads their bad stats off a piece of paper.

It’s unclear whether the situation inside Lamar’s locker room warrants the type of public ether Knight supplied last night. What is clear: Bobby Knight’s kid is really, really angry.

Video here:

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