Michael Lewis: “College Sports Is Professional In Every Aspect But One: They Don’t Pay The Labor”

  • Dan Fogarty

Last night, PBS’ “Money & March Madness” special aired. There was a lot to take from it, but the main question, of course, is whether or not college athletes should get paid.

The piece centered around a class action lawsuit, with Ed O’Bannon as the lead plaintiff. O’Bannon, of course, was the 1995 player of the year, and led the UCLA Bruins to a national title. Now, he’s a car salesman in Nevada who wonders why his likeness appears in NCAA videogames, and he’s not compensated.

Also interviewed: Blind Side and Moneyball author Michael Lewis, who, in addition to calling “a purely commercial enterprise,” said, “The NCAA is in a fraudulent system, and I’m amazed it hasn’t been challenged more in the courts.”

Here’s some of the piece, courtesy of PBS.

[Money & March Madness] PBS