People Think This Angry UConn RA Hates Fun, But It Seems In No Way Real (UPDATE: SOURCES Tell Us It’s Real)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The talk of the Internet right now is this “email from arguably the worst RA in UCONN history.” If this is true, yes, RA Derek (possibly RA Dickey in disguise), is the worst human being on the planet.

But it’s really easy to fake something like this, and it’s really strange that so many people are believing this and passing it around.

There is literally zero reason to believe this is true. It’s just a screenshot of text. The guy is a self-proclaimed “actor, musician, writer, producer and racecar driver.” If you look at his Twitter, he’s clearly a jokester. Jokesters are fans of faking things to go viral.

Check out these even crazier emails I just came across!!!!

It took me a total of two minutes to fake those, and I picked Villanova to make the final.

UPDATE: The kid insists it’s real and makes a good point.