President Obama’s Final Four Picks Are…All Top Seeds

  • Glenn Davis

Yes, it’s that glorious time of year when everyone gets asked about their NCAA brackets. That, of course, includes the President of the United States…especially when the president is as big a basketball fan as Barack Obama. And good news/bad news depending on your political leanings, Pitt, Kansas, Ohio State, and Duke fans – the president is a fan of your team’s chances.

In a recent interview, Obama said that he still has work to do on his bracket, but he was confident in Pitt’s ability to reach the Elite Eight, at minimum…apparently he felt they could go the distance in the region. Makes sense – Pitt has one of the most favorable draws of any team in the tournament. Here’s Obama’s Pitt praise:

Still, we’d have to agree with the opinion that picking all No. 1 seeds to go to the Final Four, while pragmatic, is just…boring. (And really, isn’t “too pragmatic, too unemotional” a pretty common criticism of Obama to begin with?) Oh, and in case you didn’t think the president’s top seed love extended to the women’s game…he picked all top seeds to get to the Final Four in the women’s bracket, too. We’d say something else, but honestly…these brackets are just dull that we’re at a loss.