President Obama Went On ESPN To Unveil His Final Four

  • Tom Lorenzo

As we tipped you to earlier, President Obama has officially filled out his NCAA Tournament bracket and his Final Four is, well, quite presidential, if you ask me. Anyway, Tonight on ESPN, the president went through the Elite Eight to show you his Final Four, along with Andy Katz, hoping to break his two-year slump. Now, I’m no politico, but there seem to be a few battleground states in there. Am I right?

Last season President Obama went with Kansas to win it all, but fell way short after they were ousted early. Thus making it two years in a row that he was burned by the Jayhawks. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, screw it, I’m going with the Wildcats.

So, who did he pick this year? Well, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday morning to find out. The magic of television, ladies and gentlemen.

UPDATE: Obama’s full bracket has been unveiled. He has North Carolina beating Kentucky in the title game.


Video via CJ Fogler