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Ranking The Final Four Teams

Ranking The Final Four Teams
  • Brett McCord

My Final Four predictions were UCLA, Kansas, Villanova and Arizona. Getting zero out of four correct. That is how every March Madness fan must feel today after this years Final Four will consist of two #1 seeds, a #3 seed and a #7 seed. If you predicted this madness to be your Final Four you are one of the people who fall in the 0.003 percent. How anyone can pick Oregon and South Carolina in their Final Four is mind blowing. What is even more mind blowing is that this could end up being the Championship Game. This year has proved that your seeding does not matter and thats why these are my ranking of the Final Four teams.

1. North Carolina Tar Heels- After losing in the Championship game last year, the Tar Heels are looking for revenge in 2017. Putting up a 31-7 record had many fans nervous that this March was not going to be as exciting for UNC but once again they have found themselves in the Final Four. UNC had a very easy path to the Elite Eight, beating mediocre teams like Texas Southern and Arkansas. They finally met their match when they faced #2 Kentucky on Sunday.

It was a tough game until the end until UNC won with a last second shot to win 75-73. They knocked off a Kentucky team that many people believed would go the distance. Now they will face the Oregon Ducks and hope to make it to the championship game for the second year in a row. They have the talent, they have the experience and they have the coolest coach in the NCAA in Roy Williams. Expect big things from the Tar Heels all the way to the end.

2. Oregon Ducks- It really sucks for the Ducks that they have to face North Carolina next round because I really believe they are the second best team left. They did something only one other team did this season and that was beat the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas have beat their last three previous opponents by more than 20 points and were definitely not expecting this loss against Oregon.

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best and thats what Oregon must keep in mind. The next best thing is in the way of the Ducks making it to the Championship game and they better put the best on the court next weekend in order to beat UNC. If Oregon performs like they did against Kansas next weekend they will win the whole thing. If they underperform, UNC is going all the way. Lets see if Oregon can keep up the heat.

3. South Carolina Gamecocks- The Cinderella Story of this years March Madness proved on Sunday that they might actually be the real deal. They put themselves on notice when they beat #2 Duke, then they crushed #3 Baylor and finally they beat #4 Florida on Sunday making them the winners of the East. A #7 seed making it this far is hard to believe and if you had them in your Final Four that is extremely ballsy, but South Carolina might not be done.

They will face Gonzaga next weekend to punch their ticket in to the Championship game. South Carolina has not been an underdog team that comes close in these games against the best. They have taken big leads in each of their games and proved to show what they got until the very end. South Carolina needs to complete their amazing story next weekend and go out and beat Gonzaga. On paper it does not look easy but if you compare each teams March Madness run South Carolina has the upper hand.

4. Gonzaga Bulldogs- For the first time in school history Gonzaga has made it to a Final Four. Even though they are a #1 seed, I believe they are the worst team in the Final Four. They have not done that much in the tournament beating two easy teams and then literally watching West Virginia choke in the Sweet 16 not being able to complete the upset. Then this weekend they faced a #11 Xavier team who has been on a lucky run. Out of the four teams Gonzaga has had the easiest path and now will face their toughest challenge in the red hot South Carolina Gamecocks.

Gonzaga has been waiting to make it to a Final Four for years and now they have the opportunity of a lifetime. The Bulldogs would never have imagined that they would be facing the #7 seed in the Final Four but they should be very excited for the opportunity. South Carolina has all the hype going in to next weekend but if Gonzaga plays like they have all season they will be in good shape.