Ranking The Top 5 NBA Prospects (Right Now)

Ranking The Top 5 NBA Prospects (Right Now)
  • Marcus Blackwell

As we move into the most wonderful time of the year, better known as March Madness, let’s take the time highlight a few guys who will not only have a great impact on the tournament, but guys who will likely be lottery picks in this year’s NBA Draft. There have been of great players this college basketball season that have made names for themselves, but these are a few that have managed to separate themselves from the pack.

The Top 5 NBA Prospects:

  1. Markelle Fultz: PG Washington. 6’4/195

  1. Lonzo Ball: PG UCLA, 6’6/190



  1. Jayson Tatum: SF Duke, 6’8/205



  1. Josh Jackson: SF Kansas 6’8/207



  1. Dennis Smith: PG, NC State 6’3/190