Respected NBA Journalist Says Joel Embiid Will Declare For The Draft; Joel Embiid Disagrees

  • Eric Goldschein

embiid kansas

If Adrian Wojnarowski says something, chances are it’s true (about the NBA, at least — he could be a pathological liar when it comes to how many countries he’s visited or people he’s had sex with, for all we know). So when he reported that Kansas big man Joel Embiid will declare for the 2014 NBA draft despite missing the end of this season with a back injury, the Internet starting buzzing.

One of the ways that the Internet can buzz: Twitter. People started tweeting things to Embiid, like this:

Which got a response, like this:


Could this just be Embiid delaying the inevitable, and wanting to break the news himself rather than let some dude on Yahoo scoop him? Absolutely, and probably. But there was some speculation that Embiid would stay in Kansas for another year, to work on his game and his brain (he can’t drive a car yet, for example). Maybe he is still considering giving up a huge pay day for the chance to bring glory to Bill Self and company.

Nah. He’ll probably declare later this week.

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