Rick Pitino On Louisville Cheerleader: “The Male Cheerleader Is Coming To An End”

  • Dan Fogarty

After a Louisville cheerleader almost cost his team a game, Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino jokingly said that “The male cheerleader is coming to an end. It was good while it lasted.” As CBS’ Greg Gumbel noted, Pitino may have been smiling, but make no mistake: had the peppy young man cost Louisville a key home game against Pitt, there would have been dire consequences.

In case you’re just joining us, the cheerleader came onto the court with 0.5 seconds remaining in the today’s Louisville-Pitt game, happily throwing the ball in the air in a moment that was the definition of getting carried away. His rambunctiousness resulted in a technical foul that almost cost his team a key Big East win.

Although the young lad was an Ashton Gibbs three-pointer away from joining the likes of Steve Bartman and Bill Buckner (albeit, on a smaller scale), the Cardinals won. So all is forgiven, and Rick Pitino won’t single-handedly dismantle the Louisville cheerleading squad like the scariest episode of Glee ever.