Rick Pitino Trial Redefining Concept Of “Too Much Information”

  • Glenn Davis

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino is now done testifying in his extortion trial against Karen Sypher, a woman who claimed he raped her (Pitino says it was consensual). Yesterday you heard that the “encounter” didn’t last long (and many other details), and today, even more sordid details emerged!

The one already getting the most play is Pitino describing his ejaculation (we told you this gets weird), but there are plenty of other tidbits from Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio sure to leave you uncomfortable. Following are some selected Jones tweets from Pitino’s cross examination. He begins with a warning:

Humiliating 20 minutes for Rick. I[f] you have delicate sensibilities you may want to avoid these next few tweets because it was graphic

We doubt this stopped most people. On to the terrible-but-you-can’t-turn-away details:

Pitino sad he did not plan on having sex with Sypher but he didn’t protest. She asked if he had a condom and he said, “I don’t carry condoms”

That was about as clean as it got for a while. More:

Sypher tells Pitino she is fertile. Rick testifies, “she told me her husband looked at her 4 times and she got pregnant and I pulled out”

Well…yeah, guess that’s a bit of a mood killer. Up next…even though we’ve already mentioned it, here’s the big tweet in its full glory:

Defense attorney asks how could she have become pregnant then if he did not ejaculate. Pitino testifies, “I did, down my leg.”

Speechless. Next.

Pitino then testifies that “it is physically possible” he could have gotten her pregnant but declines to go further. Thankfully topic ends.

We have to agree that those tweets contained more than enough information about Rick Pitino’s random sexual encounters to last us forever. However, before Jones started giving us mental images we might never be able to erase, he made a pretty fantastic analogy:

Exchange between Pitino and defense attorney is very testy. Pitino acting like dealing with media and unlike media, defense atty fights back

Oh, snap! We’re not sure Pitino treated his cross-examiner quite like he would the media (blaming the defense attorney for his troubles like he did the media wouldn’t have gone over too big), but it’s easy to see the similarities.

In both situations, Pitino’s trying to paint himself in a positive light, in front of people who’ll call him out if he does something wrong. According to Jones, unsurprisingly Pitino fared well at this in the courtroom, just like he generally does in basketball-related matters. But no matter how well Pitino performed on the stand…we’re still scarred.

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