RotoExperts Bracketology: Countdown To March Madness

  • Jake O'Donnell

After a long wait, RotoExperts is finally bringing to you its own Bracketology. For my sake, we’re calling it BracketZology.

If you’re unfamiliar, some time ago ESPN’s Joe Lunardi tabbed the term “Bracketology” and it has stuck throughout the scene. While he created the term, that doesn’t make him the end-all of bracket predictions. He’s actually about halfway down the rankings table, according to BracketMatrix.

What a lot of people do throughout the men’s college basketball season is predict what the bracket will look like in March. The majority of places (at least from what I’ve seen) give predictions off current rankings and records. While this is all for fun in the first place, giving out bracket seedings based on current performance doesn’t do much. It’s nice to say what teams are on the bubble or what teams have to do to improve seeding, but I like taking a somewhat different route.

I like including some predictions in mine, and not just basing my seedings on current records. Syracuse is not my No. 1 overall seed, because I think they’ll lose to Duke on Saturday and possibly two more games before the Big Dance arrives. The same can be said about Cincinnati. Those are just a couple instances that look a little different in my bracket below.

If you want to check out my bracket, go here: BracketZology full bracket

An easier way to read it is below:

Note: Bold means play-in teams. It goes in a snake so teams with a number means the top seed for that group. Last six teams are on the bubble.

+ I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wichita State jump to the second overall No. 1 seed by the end of the year. I’m not that confident in Arizona without Brandon Ashley, but its remaining schedule isn’t that bad.

+The final No. 2 seed was tough, but if Virginia wins the ACC, they get the nod.

+I like UCLA a lot and wouldn’t be surprised to see them take out Arizona in the Pac-12 tournament and jump all the way to a 3 seed. Their next two games are huge (at Stanford, vs. Oregon).

+Louisville has a tough remaining schedule, but if the Cardinals win out, expect a 3 or 4 seed.

+North Carolina is jumping up charts and has some incredible wins this year. Can they keep the run going? The Tar Heels could easily be on a 12-game winning streak before playing at Duke in the season finale.

+I think New Mexico beats SDSU on Saturday and may end up winning the MWC.

+The Pac-12 is the toughest conference to figure out with so many teams near the bubble.

+Teams on the radar are West Virginia and Nebraska. Both could jump into brackets shortly. Of course, WVU has to beat Kansas in its final game while Nebraska has the schedule to win eight-straight. Unfortunately, Walter Pitchford hurt his knee Thursday night, but early reports are that he’ll be all right.

Any college basketball questions? Hit me up @RotoZdroik. Updated brackets will be coming every Monday and Friday.