Russ Smith’s Dad Won’t Let Russ Smith Go Back To Louisville

  • Eric Goldschein

“Stay in school!” said Russ Smith’s dad. Actually, nah, go forth and make that paper.

6’0 guard Russ Smith, recently crowned national champion (though the owner of a pretty unimpressive stat line in that final game) has done enough for the Louisville Cardinals, according to his father. Now it’s time to go to the NBA, which he’s totally ready for, according to his father.

The news comes courtesy of C.L. Brown, Louisville beat writer for the Courier-Journal:

From an accomplishments standpoint, Russ Sr. is probably right. Hey, a lot of players have gone on to the NBA having accomplished far less (see: Irving, Kyrie). And the idea of staying to obtain a college degree is a joke at this point, as virtually zero NBA-caliber players could care less about whether they’ve received a proper education (possible exceptions include Shane Battier, Tim Duncan).

But Russ Smith is tiny. He makes Allen Iverson look like Bill Russell. If he’s accomplished it all and doesn’t care about more accolades, maybe he could spend another year in college just to craft his game for the NBA (learning to be a better passer, a more consistent scorer)? The players that are best suited to make the jump are big men, who can learn their position while still being big. Russ Smith will have an uphill battle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look to be up to Russ Smith. This is what dad wants. Does this guy not sound like every overbearing sports parent you’ve ever heard of in your life? Well, he owns a barber shop in Harlem and his name is Big Russ, so if you want to head uptown on the A train and give him a piece of your mind, I invite you to do so.

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