This Seton Hall Walk-On May Be The Ultimate Cheerleader

  • Tom Lorenzo

When’s the last time ESPN dedicated a full minute of airtime to a college basketball walk-on who’s logged just eight total minutes in two seasons? The answer is simple: never. At least that was until last night, when ESPN featured Seton Hall senior Peter Dill and his over-the-top, on-the-bench celebrations.

Not only does he break out the Aaron Rodgers championship belt celebration, but he throws down a little “Hammer of Thor” action. Not once, but twice. There’s no doubt that Dill’s just happy to be a part of the team. Especially this season, after they’ve started the year 13-2. There’s certainly a lot to celebrate.

Here’s the video:

Yeah, these are pretty awesome. I’m not sure he’d appreciate being called “the ultimate cheerleader,” but I do imagine he’s aware that his courtside antics are the only way he’s going to get any airtime on ESPN.