Shaka Smart Spurns UCLA, Agrees To Stay With VCU For The Next 10 Years

  • Jake O'Donnell

Although sports have come to be defined by their lack of loyalty, the collegiate coaching ranks have often bucked the trend. In another instance of a coach sticking around to develop a program, Virginia Commonwealth’s Head Coach Shaka Smart turned down offers from UCLA and Minnesota for a reported 10 year deal worth about $1.5 per. And if sticking with the little guy doesn’t sound altruistic enough, he’s allegedly requested pay raises for his staff, as well. Still not enough? He shunned such praise to USA Today:

“The media can sometimes oversimplify these types of things and say that if someone leaves, they’re all of the sudden greedy or selfish or they’re in it for themselves or the money. If they stay, they’re a great person or whatever. Just like me, you or anyone in a job, they’re going to do what’s best for them and their family. Be somewhere where their family is happy and where you’re valued or appreciated. It just so happens that for me, I feel that way about VCU.”

You can understand why, at 35, Shaka Smart is such a hot commodity amongst basketball schools with coaching vacancies. In just 4 years, he’s taken the relatively unknown VCU program and turned it into a perennial NCAA Tournament team.

Photo Via Getty, H/T USA Today