Must Watch: SNL And Host Melissa McCarthy Nail The Whole Mike Rice Debacle With An Abusive Coach Parody

  • Jake O'Donnell

Host Melissa McCarthy (of Mike and Molly and Identity Thief) nailed this one…with a toaster. In an obvious, but necessary, parody of the Mike Rice abuse videos, McCarthy donned the role of über abusive women’s basketball coach, Sheila Kelly, of the fictitious Middle Delaware State. Making the point that, well, coaches can be dicks — and Melissa McCarthy in a Pat Summit wig/pantsuit can get away with anything and still be hilarious. Framing the whole thing, is a rather accurate depiction of ESPN’s somber news segment OTL (Outside The Lines,) featuring Bill Hader as an unspecific serious sports journalist.

If people were getting upset by this whole scandal, I’d like to think this skit would defuse some of the hypersensitivity surrounding the admittedly terrible situation at Rutgers. SNL makes the point, whether intentional or not, that the issue is pretty straightforward: power monger coaches like Mike Rice are dicks, not leaders. Hopefully this will make other coaches reconsider next time they think about losing it on a player.