Oh, So You Think You Can Fill Out A Bracket Better Than Us? Prove It.

  • Dylan Murphy

So, yesterday was Selection Sunday – you know, that day when an arbitrary group of men huddled around RPI printouts and each other’s memory spit out 68 teams to compete in a giant basketball tournament. Some teams get in. Other teams don’t. People are usually upset either way. Then various experts on television pick all No. 1 seeds to advance to the Final Four – which has happened only once, ever, by the way – and you fill out your bracket with some semblance of self-assurance.

Nobody has any idea what they’re doing, really. And that’s the beauty of all this. There are predictions and rankings and what should happen, and then there’s Syracuse losing to Vermont. Teams that shouldn’t lose, well they lose. But we’re still better at this than everyone. We watched seven college basketball games this season. WE can fill out perfect bracket. Can you? Oh, you can? Prove it.

Join our bracket group on ESPN right here and see if you can best the SportsGrid community. Staff, readers, other Abrams Media sites, Glenn’s dog, Matt’s mother. Everyone. They’re all coming for your lunch money.

So, what happens if you win? Well there’s this weird perfume bottle sitting at our staff table, so you can have that. I think Styleite gave it to us one time. There’s also some old soy sauce and a fortune cookie. Unopened. We’ll mail that to you, too. Otherwise, boys and girls, this one’s about pride. And a Subway napkin.

So, again: to March the Madness against us, go here and fill out your bracket. Best of luck, young tykes!