SportsGrid’s 2014 NCAA Celebrity Alumni Tournament: The West Region

  • Jake O'Donnell

What we’ve tried to do, is pick each NCAA Tournament school’s most famous alumni and pitted them against their first round opponent’s celeb alum — with two requirements:

1) They didn’t have to graduate, only enroll for a semester
2) No athletes from one of the four major sports

The winner will be determined based on a mixture of overall fame and societal significance. So who do you think: Gonzaga’s Bing Crosby or the pride of Oklahoma State, Gary Busey?

Alright, so yesterday, we broke down the South and East Regions’ most famous attendees, picking winners for the first round only. Today, we’ll be looking at the West Region — which should have a bunch of stars on account of Hollywood being on the Pacific Ocean. Turns out, the “region” means almost nothing about how famous the schools playing there are. Who knew?

See Willie Nelson and Warren Buffett clash (below) like two America-themed “Pacific Rim” robots.