SportsGrid’s 2014 NCAA Celebrity Alumni Tournament: South Region Preview

  • Jake O'Donnell

Every school has a famous alumni they brag about. I went to Fordham, so everything on the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx was named after Vince Lombardi. It was a shame, really, because the athletics center was a joke, and Lombardi was a sports god, but that didn’t stop the administration from plastering his name on every building with a treadmill inside it.

Whatever, better than being called the “Alan Alda Rec Center,” right?

This year’s crop of 68 teams has some pretty interesting match-ups, from a one-on-one alumni perspective (you can see the full bracket, here). What we’ve tried to do, is pick each school’s most famous student, with two requirements:

1) They didn’t have to graduate, only enroll for a semester
2) No celebrities who were exclusively athletes in one of the four major sports (broadcasters are fine)

The winner will be determined based on a mixture of overall fame and societal significance. For example, if you split the atom, you’re going to beat the guy who played Carlton in “Fresh Prince.” Likewise, if you’ve won multiple oscars as a leading actor, you’ll be the person who created the vaccine for Hepatitis B.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Some of the pairings will provide some stark contrast to the predicted outcome on the court. For example, Witchita’s celeb alumni, “The Big Show,” does not stand a chance against N.C. State’s Zach Galifinakis. Regardless, they’re all pretty hilarious in this context (or any other context). Today, we’ve got the Southern region for you, mapped out match-up to match-up in the slideshow below. Let us know who you think should win by tweeting at us here…