Stanford Band Cowbell Guy Identified: Meet Alex Chang, March Madness Star

  • Rick Chandler

The MVP of Stanford’s two upset wins in the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Undoubtedly the cowbell player in the Stanford Band, who got more CBS air time than some of the players during the Cardinals’ 60-57 win over Kansas in the Round of 32 on Sunday.

Now it can be told: the kid who captivated the nation with his frenetic bell thwacking is named Alex Chang, an engineering student and former member of the Stanford Mendicants, a cappella singing group. Chang is from nearby Los Altos, CA. NBC Bay Area:

Chang said he was just doing what he always does.

“That’s what we try to do as the Stanford band: entertain everyone who’s watching,” Chang said in an interview via Skype on Monday afternoon.

The Wildly Enthusiastic Stanford Cowbell Player Is The Real Star Of March Madness

Yes, there are already Stanford Cowbell Twitter sites popping up, and at least one has put the moves on Michelle Beadle.

Fun fact: The next-most famous former member of the Stanford Mendicants? The Sopranos actor Joseph Siravo, who played “Johnny Boy” Soprano, Tony Soprano’s father.