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Super-Corrupt UCLA Freshman Shabazz Muhammad Banned By Angelic NCAA

  • Joe Levine

UCLA was dealt a blow by the NCAA Friday after freshman star Shabazz Muhammad was ruled ineligible for their season opener for, what else, allegations that Muhammad received illegal donations.

The official NCAA statement reads:

The university and the NCAA enforcement staff agreed on the set of facts in the case, which led to the determination that a violation occurred. NCAA member schools have established standards to determine when an individual may provide financial assistance to student-athletes. These criteria, which were not met in this case, are in place to identify when benefits are provided based on a student-athlete’s athletic ability.

The allegations are tied to connections between Muhammad’s family and a financial planner that gave money to his Las Vegas summer team.

There is no word yet as to whether Muhammad is ineligible for the entire season or just a few games because some random guy bought his basketball team new jerseys. In the meantime, the NCAA will continue to rake in the cash while these “student-athletes” work for them for free. What a great system! I can’t understand why anyone would say college sports are the biggest, most corrupt joke in organized sports.

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