“Glad To See Your Booty Didn’t Get Big”: Dad Of Injured MSU Cheerleader Congratulates Daughter On Fit Booty In Possible Greatest Facebook Post Ever

  • Dan Fogarty

Area Cool Dad Charles Young congratulated daughter Taylor on her “booty,” in what many experts are saying is quite possibly the funniest “Dad Moment” in Facebook history.

Last night, Taylor, a cheerleader for the Michigan State Spartans, took a scary fall during halftime in a game against Florida State. There were a tense few moments as Taylor was tended to by medical personnel, and the nasty-looking spill has gotten national media attention.

Taylor, however, would turn out to be just fine; she was removed from the game on a stretcher and was brought to the hospital for some tests, where everything looked “good” according to mom, Joanne.

Everything looked good from dad’s perspective, as well. With his daughter safe, his wife settled, and the nation watching, Charles Young saddled up to the Facebook to tell friends and family… just how proud he was of his daughter.