The Dayton Daily News Is Still Trolling Ohio State

  • Rick Chandler

“Sweet 16” spelled with buckeyes in a Dayton newspaper? That’s mean. And inspired.

As we recall from last time, the University of Dayton upset Ohio State 60-59 in the first round (we don’t count the play-in games) of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in Buffalo. Because it’s an Ohio thing, this resulted in the Dayton Daily News doing this:

Ooh, burn.

But Dayton then went and upset Syracuse (talk about a Region of Death …), to advance to the Sweet 16, which begins on Thursday. So, time to remind Ohio State once again that they’ll be watching at home, which is what you see at the top of this post. This time it’s an ad in the Daily News, from Miami Valley Gaming.

Meanwhile, Stanford — the Flyers’ next opponent — is getting the business on Dayton’s campus: